"Reverend Keith Milton Rhinehart is a multifaceted jewel, whose facets and surfaces are all shining and sparkling at once." JW


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If we cannot, we must at least try to see them all at once.

He who sees with the single eye of GOD, catches the one, great beam of Light, created by the many sparkling facets as they come together on the surface of the jewel. He who sees with the many eyes of mankind, catches the many great beams of Light diffused by the entire gem. Let us both be GOD and MAN."




To try to encapsulate Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart's life and work on a small website is a daunting labor of love. Keith Milton Rhinehart's career as the world's most scientifically tested and researched genuine physical phenomena adept medium has been well documented.   It is undisputed that Reverend Rhinehart co-operated with researchers in over 20 countries.   Among the investigators, there have been police officers, military officers, a naval criminal investigator, a former Secret Service agent, magicians, authors, medical doctors, Ph.D.'s, nurses, officers of scientific research organizations and officers of religious organizations.   Keith Milton Rhinehart has been written about in many publications, namely:  the prestigious New Scientist (October 16, 1969 pages 114/115, This Timeless Moment by Laura Huxley, Photographing the Spirit World by Cyrill Permutt, Parapsychology and the Nature of Life by John L. Randall,  A Miracle in Egypt by Dr. Aly Rady Ph.D., Seattle's Psychic Wonder by author, Susy Smith, in issues of Psychic Observer and Psychic News, The Reader's Digest, Fate magazine and many others.   Although publications like these document the authenticity and genuineness of Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart's Physical Phenomena Adept Mediumship and give a sincere researcher or a skeptic a great deal of food for thought, we are not presenting this information to try to convince anyone of anything.   You are left to decide for yourself.   But in all fairness, if one is going to pass judgment on any subject or on any person's life, one should take the time to investigate the subject matter before one can come to an educated and valid conclusion.   Due diligence should be undertaken to thoroughly research the years of evidence presented in the History of Spiritualism, which supports research and scientific testing conducted by noteworthy researchers and investigators such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Dr. Charles Richet, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Baron von Schrenknotzing and other great minds.  If one has properly educated himself/herself on the subject of Spiritualism, then the documented scientific evidence and facts presented in Rev. Rhinehart's career will be self-evident and startling, to say the least. 

Some of the spiritual phenomena that manifested through Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart® included telekinesis, levitation, trumpet direct voice, apportation, full and partial materialization of spiritual communicators called the Real Ascended Masters, the changing of water into wine, the stigmata phenomena, the spiritual blessing of Sacred Objects, dozens of  languages spoken in perfect dialect, and other manifestations of God too numerous to mention here.   Hundreds of people from many places throughout the world have been privileged to witness and experience the sacred communications and spiritual phenomena that have come through Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart's scientifically tested, documented and researched Physical Phenomena Adept Mediumship.  It is important for the Truth Seeker to note that the spiritual phenomena demonstrated by Keith Milton Rhinehart were not demonstrated for the sake of phenomena alone, but rather to establish clearly the Divine Source of the Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings of Aquarian Foundation®   Evidence, both scientific and of a spiritual nature, is the key by which students of the Teachings of Aquarian FoundationTM can establish a clear understanding of the source of these Spiritual Teachings and determine that the Spiritual Teachings by and through Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart's adept mediumship speak for themselves.  Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart, a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher, and Leader compiled more evidence in support of the Spiritual Teachings coming through him (both scientifically and spiritually) than all other religions combined have compiled in support of their teachings. 

The Spiritual Communicators, who came through Rev. Rhinehart's genuine and tested adept mediumship, permitted the Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings of Aquarian Foundation® to be recorded for posterity and is the permanent minister of Aquarian Foundation® of Seattle.  The published and unpublished teachings by and through Keith Milton Rhinehart® are the registered intellectual property owned by Aquarian Foundation® whose headquarters are at 315 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA  98112 USA. SIncere students of Truth who find their way to Aquarian Foundation® of Seattle,  are generally persons who are no longer interested in religions that breed fear, superstition, and theological nonsense, rather, they choose to study Truth which is based in physical evidence. These Truth seekers are willing to alter their beliefs and opinions in light of new evidence with which they are presented by and through the Keith Milton Rhinehart® SacredTeacTeachings of Aquarian Foundation®


This is the title of a powerful spiritual lesson from the Keith Milton Rhinehart SACRED TEACHINGS ®,  which is the

permanent  minister of Aquarian Foundation of Seattle. 

Keith Milton Rhinehart was born in Nunn, Colorado on April 1, 1936.  Keith was a very bright and inquisitive boy and by the age of three was reading books on a variety of subject matter.   Although Keith had been raised a Baptist, he had an insatiable interest in metaphysics.  He was an avid reader of occult literature; Keith experienced many physical manifestations in his home as a child and so he wanted to educate himself on the subject.   The kinds of literature that the young Keith read and was interested in related to the proceedings in American and British Societies for Psychical Research and to Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science.  

Keith's mother, Valena Kincaid, who was interested in Spiritualism herself, supported Keith in his quest to unfold and grow spiritually.  While on vaction in California in the late 1940's, Valena stopped in at the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco to attend a worship service.   Rev. Florence Becker, the founder of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church, happened to be the medium on duty for that day.    During the demonstration of platform mediumship, Rev. Becker, a renowned Spiritualist medium herself,  called out the full name of Keith Milton Rhinehart and through her mediumship, stated that Keith Milton Rhinehart would become a world famous medium.  When Valena returned home, she told the young Keith about the message she had received from Rev. Becker, but he was not convinced that the message through Rev. Becker held any validity for him.   He stated that the message was not accurate, as his interest was in Science and not in becoming a world famous medium.  Although Keith did not give much credence to the message through  Rev. Becker, he still pursued his interest in Spiritualism and Metaphysics.

Keith joined a Spiritualist Church, in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the age of 14 and studied under the Spiritual Leadership of Rev. Hazel Warlaumont, the Church's pastor and a mental medium.   Keith held Rev. Warlaumont in high regard and  above reproach.  With Rev. Warlaumont's practical guidance, any doubts or ignorance that Keith had or may have had about Spiritualism was dispelled.  For more than a year Keith regularly attended Rev. Warlaumont's weekly Bible and development classes.  Then, one Sunday,  a visiting medium, who had travelled over 100 hundred miles to serve the Church, demonstrated evidential blindfold billet readings to the congregation.  Because of the calibre and accuracy of the mediumship demonstrated,  Keith was convinced of the goodness and blessings possible from professional mediumship. 

That same year, Keith and some of his high school friends decided to form a spiritual circle of their own, and they began to meet frequently in each other's homes to either hold Ouija Board sessions or informal Seances in the dark.   At first, the group of friends conducted the Seances from a scientific point of view and not from a religious one, because they each understood that mediumship in itself is not dependent on spirituality.  Often during these meetings, haphazard phenomena would occur spontaneously, scaring the group of kids out of their wits. Nevertheless, the telekinetic  and  poltergeistic manifestations that occurred during these meetings demonstrated to the group the tremendous potential of natural physical laws present in the universe.

It is reported by Keith, that during one of the meetings, one of the boys, who was twelve years old, was taken under trance and a discarnate entity came through the boy and told the group that if they would sing, pray and conduct the meetings spiritually, the Seance would grow in spiritual power, strength and protection.   Unfortunately, about the same time that the group was given this message, the twelve year old boy's mother discovered that her son had been taken under trance and forbade the group from holding trance meetings.   The group reverted to the Ouija Board in hope of obtaining communications from the spirit world.  During these meetings some of the communicators through the Ouija Board were extremely intelligent, others were frivolous, others happy and others earthbound and unhappy.  The unhappy communicators wanted the group to pray for them, the intelligent communicators educated the group concerning matters of the spirit world (in a similar vein as did Patience Worth, the famous spirit who manifested through the medium Pearl Curran).  Keith and his friends had a serious interest in the meetings, but the usual high school activities consumed the majority of the group's time, so they did not spend as much time getting together for the spiritual circle as they would have liked.   Even though Keith was busy at school and worked at two jobs in the summer of that year,  he still made time to continue with his development classes with Rev. Warlaumont.

One winter night, during a development and Bible study meeting with Rev. Warlaumont, Keith started to fall asleep while the group was singing. Keith described the events as follows: "The group present consisted of Rev. Warlaumont and approximately six or seven students, besides myself.  A bright blue light illuminated the room.  We were all sitting around the study table on which were our Bibles, text books and a small box which contained extra pencils.  We were singing when I began to lose consciousness.  Later I was told that Dr. Kensington - my main spirit guide -  had come in on the song "Wonderful Words Of Life",  (which remained Keith's favorite trance song). "You can imagine the amazement and surprise that Dr. Kensington's unexpected visit brought to each one present, and most of all to myself!   When I regained consciousness, I was told what had transpired."

The following is an account of the evening:  After greeting each one in the group, Dr. Kensington explained to the group that Keith had the chemical composition that was conducive to the production of Spiritual Physical Phenomena.  Towards the end of the Seance,  Dr. Kensington instructed the group to place some blank cards or pieces of paper in the box with the pencils,  to put the lid on the box, and then for each one in the group to place their finger tips on the top of the lid.  

After a few minutes, Dr. Kensington told them to look in the box, and then he bid them all a good night.  When the group looked in the box as instructed, they found in the box a written message to each of the sitters.  Each message to each sitter was signed by a deceased relative of the sitter.   This type of phenomena is known as Spirit Card Writing, talked about in the King James Bible:  Daniel 5:5; First Chronicles 28:19; and Second Chronicles 21:12.  In addition to the Spirit Card Writing,  a fresh carnation and some other small flowers had also been apported into the box.    This occasion was the beginning of Keith Milton Rhinehart's  mediumship.

The next year Keith was invited to the West Coast of the USA to demonstrate his mediumship in test Seances before the Board of the Spiritualist Association of Washington.   Keith passed the several strict physical tests which were given by and before boards of various northwest Churches.  At this time, Keith decided to devote his life to the cause of Spirit and entered the ministry after receiving his ordination in a public ceremony.   Reverend Rhinehart continued to demonstrate various aspects of mental and physical mediumship, which had come to the foreground of his development, and served Churches throughout the Northwest, Midwest and B.C. Canada, where he was enthusiastically received.  Reverend Rhinehart also served state Spiritualist camps of both Washington and Oregon before his entry as a freshman to the University of Washington.  He continued to serve the Spiritualist Churches in Seattle, Washington until the summer of 1955.  

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