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Issues of Psychic News ( Editor Maurice Barbanell)

Miracle in Egypt by Aly Rady PhD.

1968 Fate Magazine Article Boy Wonder

Issues of The Psychic Observer® and Chimes® Journal ranging from August 1958 through to August 2017.

The New Times, Seattle, WA  April 2001

New Scientist, October 1969 pages 114/115

This Timeless Moment by Laura Huxley.  First printing 1975  Alduous Huxley's return from the "dead" Pg 229-240; Second printing 2000, Pos 315-330. 

Photographing the Spirit World by Cyril Permutt  Pages 171,172 and 173 Incredible photographs of ectoplasmic materialization produced under strict test conditions through Reverend Rhinehart and witnessed by police officers.


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The information presented in this website has been compiled from the research files in the Aquarian Foundation, court records, and various sources in Aquarian Foundation® available to the researcher.  As time goes by, the website will be expanded as is necessary. 

Over the years, Reverend Rhinehart inspired many people from all walks of life.  People far and wide have been forever changed for the better, by his/her listening to the  Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teachings® of Aquarian Foundation by and through Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart. Many different types of people lectured at Aquarian Foundation over the years, namely:  Hal Styles, a TV Personality from Reseda, California; Swami Agehananda Bharati, a Hindu Abbot and teacher;  Kahuna David K. 'Daddy" Bray from Hawaii, who became a member of Aquarian Foundation and remained a member until his death;  Manly Palmer Hall - noted lecturer, writer and President of the Philosophical Research Society; Mir Bashir, a Sufi  and an exponent of Oriental Palmistry who was from London but originally of Bombay, India; Dr. Wesley La Violette, American Composer, conductor, educator, poet and author, who was listed in Who's Who in America;  Erol Sevil, from Istanbul, Turkey; Swami Chidananda, Vice Chancellor of Forest Vedanta University in Rishikesh, India; Gina Cerminara, PHD, Psychologist, Author and Lecturer; Trude Payer, an internationally known novelist from Austria; Merle Gould, a famous Hollywood producer; Dr. and Mrs Franklin Loehr of The Religious Research Foundation; Rev. Elizabeth Risinger and Oscar Risinger, graduates of Morris Pratt Institute; William Norton, former police officer in the Seattle Police Department; Lt. Commander Fred Jordan, USN, ret. and President of the International General Assembly of Spiritualists from Norfolk, Virginia, and others too numerous to mention here.

Compiling all the experiences, pieces of evidence, truths and reality of the life of Rev. Rhinehart is ongoing.  Rev. Rhinehart did not have any progeny.  (Side note:  A self-confessed fraudulent medium in Washington State, USA  falsely asserts that Rev. Rhinehart is his father. The records reflect that this self-confessed fraud's father’s name is Gary L.  The author leaves out the last name of the fraud and the fraud’s father purposely, so as not to embarrass the parents.    The mother christened her son with the name Keith as a gesture to honor Rev. Rhinehart -  What a blunder that turned out to be!) 

Rev, Rhinehart is considered by his students to be the Avatar of the Aquarian Age and as such, they recognize him by his spiritual name of Master Kumara. As this researcher recognizes the frustration of a Spiritual Teacher who is trying to wake sleeping humanity, it is overwhelming to comprehend the full extent of Reverend Rhinehart's professional career as a Spiritual Teacher and World's most scientifically tested genuine Adept Medium.

 Reverend Rhinehart's own words are succinct with regards to trying to wake the sleepy consciousness:

"What can I do?  Dump tea into the Seattle or Honolulu Harbor?" 

"How do you respond, when you don't know how to respond?" 

"Character, merit and talent must distinguish the new order, not rank and not money!"

Even with the so many difficult experiences that Reverend Rhinehart confronted and mastered, through it all, the most profound statement, that this researcher sees Reverend Rhinehart making throughout his life is:  "I Love You, God".  

The 1950s

When Keith Milton Rhinehart graduated from high school, he had the opportunity for scholarships to four colleges. He chose instead to go to the University of Washington, where his major was Philosophy.



The name Keith Milton Rhinehart and Aquarian Foundation are synonymous and cannot be separated. Then permanent minister of Aquarian Foundation is the Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teaching® Reverend Rhinehart's journey as a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Leader really begins as Aquarian Foundation® is founded. His unique chemistry allowed for the Real Ascended Masters to have a clear instrument with which to work. Reverend Rhinehart's life and energy were dedicated to being a genuine and sincere instrument for Truth. 

In the summer of 1955, the Spirit forces told Reverend Rhinehart that a group of World Masters, some in Spirit and some living in their physical bodies on the earth plane, wanted him to form a Church.  Reverend Rhinehart was told that the church would encompass truths found in all of the relatively new religions, such as Spiritualism, Christian Science, Theosophy, Unity, Metaphysics, etc.  The Spiritual Communicators, who are known as the Real Ascended Masters, personally contacted Reverend Rhinehart and gave him instructions on how to form the Church, which was to be known as Aquarian Foundation® - a World Center of Religion and Spiritual Study and Development.  


These great servants of mankind - the Real Ascended Masters - opened the channel for Aquarian Foundation® of Seattle to begin its work in making available spiritual lessons in Universal Truth and to establish approved study centers of the Keith Milton Rhinehart® Spiritual Teachings of Aquarian Foundation in the USA and in the world.  

On October 20, 1955,  Aquarian Foundation of Seattle was incorporated under the State laws of  Washington and began functioning as a world center of religious and philosophical thought.   Doctors, lawyers, scientists, policemen, educators, laymen and people of all ranks of life became convinced of the Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings and physical phenomena demonstrations.  To this day, almost 66 years later, people who join the Church, the large majority, who have not witnessed the Physical Phenomena demonstrated by Reverend Rhinehart, are convinced of the Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teachings® of Aquarian Foundation. Not only do students of the Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teachings® of Aquarian Foundation derive spiritual benefits from practicing the principles espoused in these Teachings of Wisdom and Enlightenment, but also, the person recognizes that the Keith Milton Rhinehart Sacred Teachings® are the real physical phenomena!   Aquarian Foundation began as a center of Divine Peace and today, Aquarian Foundation still stands for peace for the individual and peace for all.   Reverend Rhinehart taught his students that as each of us becomes a center of peace, we begin to live for a great and good purpose;  when we keep our thoughts tuned to the Christ /Buddhic Consciousness within ourselves and with every other person, we demonstrate perfect balance, perfect order, peace, and harmony.   In this way, we are the microcosm affecting the macrocosm.

In 1957,  the congregation of Aquarian Foundation, gave Reverend Rhinehart a 21st birthday present of an all-expenses-paid tour of the world.  The journey was undertaken by Reverend Rhinehart to further the cause of Spiritualism and to help usher in the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment. Reverend Rhinehart visited close to 40 countries over a seven month period.    Reverend Rhinehart held Seances in over half the countries he visited, and in some instances, Reverend Rhinehart was the first American medium to demonstrate physical phenomena in a particular country.   Audiences of thousands in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and in the Orient witnessed and heard Modern Spiritualism's phenomena and philosophy in the meetings held by Reverend Rhinehart.  Reverend Rhinehart taught that it is not phenomena alone that is important but for what the phenomena stand.   He lectured on the nature of Spiritualism from a scientific point of view, a philosophical and a religious point of view.   Reverend Rhinehart taught that Spiritualism has a quality that is common to all people so that even if a person belongs to a particular religion, the person can still believe in the precepts of Spiritualism.   The result of the 7-month journey was a huge success for Modern Spiritualism and for Aquarian Foundation®.  People are still talking about his visit to Turkey.


In 1958,  Reverend Rhinehart was scientifically tested by The Japan Psychic Science Association - The Physical Research Society of Japan. Among the researchers were Dr. Ando, a professor at Osaka University, Professor Iki Goto, DE  famous atomic scientist in Japan, and Mr. Mikami, the leader of a large Japanese religious group.  Seances were held in Tokyo, Kameeka (near Osaka) and in Kyoto.  The Japanese language was successfully produced in Direct Voice through Reverend Rhinehart's mediumship. One scientific experiment took place at the NHK Television Studio, the foremost broadcasting and televising station of Japan and the largest television station in the world. The Seance was broadcast live.  Reverend Rhinehart is the only medium whose phenomena passed the scrutiny of the infra-red motion picture equipment of the Japanese Scientists.

Reverend Rhinehart is the only Physical Phenomena Medium who passed tests of Dr. Aly Rady, PHD., and the Medical Research Staff from the Universities of Cairo, Egypt.  See the book a Miracle in Egypt by Aly Rady Ph.D.


In 1959,  in consideration for his outstanding contribution to Psychic  Phenomena, to the cause  of Spiritual Science and in consideration of the Dignity with which the Contributions were made, and the resulting enlightenment and upliftment afforded to those who witnessed the Psychic Manifestations, The Church of the Good Neighbor, in Reseda, California awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity to Reverend Rhinehart

The 1960s

By December of 1964, Reverend Rhinehart was on a second world tour accompanied by a motion picture cameraman.  This time, the purpose of  Reverend Rhinehart's world tour was to interview people from all over the world.  These interviews were intended to bring out the personal opinions of the individuals reading Psychic Phenomena, Reincarnation, Spirit Communication, and other related subjects.   The tour started in London and by April of 1965, Reverend Rhinehart had returned to Seattle ready to share his amazing interviews in a television series he contracted to have with a local television station. Some of the interviews Reverend Rhinehart had planned on presenting through the television series, called WAY OUT,  were with regular people such as a coal miner to famous people such as Bertrand Russell - Nobel Prize winner;  Lord Dowding, who was instrumental in winning the Battle of Britain; Margaret Mead - famous anthropologist;  Agnes Moorhead - actress;  Madalyn Murray - Founder of the American Atheists and many others.

When Reverend Rhinehart came back from his second world tour, he and Aquarian Foundation Board of Directors contracted with a local television station to broadcast a 13 part series called WAY OUT.    In the first and only episode that was broadcast live, Reverend Rhinehart interviewed an openly homosexual male, a mixed-race couple and an unwed mother. Unfortunately, the television station managers succumbed to the political pressures of the time and they canceled the contract the television station had with Reverend Rhinehart and Aquarian Foundation and refused to broadcast the remainder of the 12 episodes, which led to a lengthy court battle. Incidentally, one week after the 1st episode of the WAY OUT series was broadcast,  the Seattle police arrested Reverend Rhinehart on a false and trumped-up charge, of allegedly violating The Morals Act statute.    

Unfortunately, an accurate account of what transpired leading up to and subsequent to Reverend Rhinehart's false arrest has not been the focus of the media or other individuals rehashing the alleged details of Reverend Rhinehart's life.  It appears to this researcher, that the facts surrounding Reverend Rhinehart's false arrest, false conviction and false imprisonment and subsequent court order vacating Reverend Rhinehart's conviction and sentence and dismissal of the charges against Reverend Rhinehart with prejudice against the State of Washington, have been intentionally skewed for purposes only known to those who take delight in hurting innocent people or causes.  

In 1966, Reverend Rhinehart was invited to attend and participate at the International Schweitzer Convocation at Aspen Humanities Institute of Aspen, Colorado.  Dr. Schweitzer, before his transition into the spirit world, had corresponded through his secretary, Miss Erica Anderson,  with Rev. Rhinehart and had expressed appreciation of Reverend Rhinehart principles.

In 1967,  Dr. Helmut Schmidt, a senior research physicist,  invented a device for testing Quantum Theory in relation to humans having the psychic ability to predict the future.  Dr. Schmidt asked Rev. Rhinehart to participate in these tests, which were held in a Scientific Research Laboratory where Dr. Schmidt worked in Seattle, Washington.   Reverend Rhinehart scored way above the statistical expectation.  The probability of obtaining, by chance, so high a score is less than one in 500 million!

The following information can easily be corroborated with court records and other records, and so the information is presented without the names of various individuals involved.  

Reverend Rhinehart had become well known for his dedicated work in social reform, especially with minority groups and the oppressed.  He worked for many years for marriage rights for monogamy oriented homosexuals,  in order to help increase the number of lasting, meaningful relationships in the homosexual community.   Reverend Rhinehart was first in the State of Washington courageous enough to bring these kinds of views on live television.   His work for the homosexual community and other minority groups and the related problems was not popular with certain public officials. The ingrained bigotry and hypocrisy of the time were openly being challenged by Reverend Rhinehart.  In addition, Reverend Rhinehart brought unwanted public attention to particular problems he saw with regard to corrupt police activity in the homosexual clubs and bars in Seattle.   At the time, Reverend Rhinehart was particularly critical of the King County Sheriff *. After Reverend Rhinehart witnessed the corruption, hypocrisy, and bigotry taking place, he and others documented their evidence and made the citizens of King County aware of the corruption. 

Certain public officials in King County at the time did not appreciate Reverend Rhinehart exposing the bigotry and hypocrisy and corruption rampant in the legal system at the time.  It is apparent to this researcher,  regarding the recorded events that follow, that various persons in power made decisions to silence Reverend Rhinehart.  Reverend Rhinehart was an outspoken critic of the shenanigans taking place in King County and he was clearly gaining strength as a civil rights activist and renowned and respected minister.   A trumped-up charge was devised, and soon Reverend Rhinehart was falsely accused by the State of Washington for an alleged act of private consensual oral sodomy;  the false accusation was made by JM, a known miscreant who was forced by the police to give perjured testimony by affidavit.   It is interesting to note that at the time of JM signing his initial police coerced affidavit, JM was already in police custody on another charge, which was completely unrelated to Reverend Rhinehart.   JM later signed a sworn affidavit which stated that he had been under threat of a long prison sentence if he did not co-operate with the police to sign his initial affidavit to falsely implicate Rev. Rhinehart in alleged volition of the Morals Act.  The level of corruption in King County in the late 60s appears to have been widespread within the police department, the King County Sheriff's Office and in the Washington State Correctional System.   It is also important to note,  that the history of the disposition and handling of all sodomy cases in the 4 years prior to Reverend Rhinehart's arrest, proves irrefutably that the prosecutor's office was not enforcing the Morals Act statute  * (Interestingly, the former Sheriff  was somehow commissioned to serve as a member of the parole board which had jurisdiction over Reverend Rhinehart. (I leave it to the reader to determine what to make of this fact. ) On further research,  the records reflected that the same former King County Sheriff was eventually indicted by Federal Court for committing perjury before a grand jury.  The grand jury was investigating corruption in the Seattle Police Department and King County's Sheriff's office.  The corruption  involved soliciting and obtaining payoffs from various establishments including homosexual or gay bars.)



During his false imprisonment, Reverend Rhinehart was subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, namely:


  • Amongst other things, Reverend Rhinehart was forced against his will to take shots of Stelazine, (a drug which was known to cause severe side effects, such as the agonizing constriction of muscles — and even death — especially to asthmatics).  It was well established in Reverend Rhinehart's medical records, that Reverend Rhinehart suffered from chronic and at times acute asthma.   Prison officials ordered a convicted murderer to tackle Reverend Rhinehart and forcibly hold Reverend Rhinehart down to administer shots of Stelazine to Reverend Rhinehart.  Each time shots of Stelazine were administered to Reverend Rhinehart he would suffer extreme pain for hours at a time because his muscles would become rigid causing his head to be drawn back and locked into position against his spine. 

  • Reverend Rhinehart was given solitary confinement for refusing to call a Catholic Chaplin "Father".  

  • Reverend Rhinehart was forced to stay in solitary confinement under blackout conditions for 38 days straight, simply because he asked to be assigned to a different work detail due to an extremely painful physical condition that prevented him from standing for hours at a time on his feet. (Reverend Rhinehart had developed a hen egg size growth in his groin and when Reverend Rhinehart attempted to get surgery for this growth,  he was blocked by the prison doctor from receiving appropriate medical treatment!  Instead of allowing Reverend Rhinehart to get treatment for the growth, which was later discovered on Reverend Rhinehart's release from prison to be a malignant cancerous growth, the prison doctor stated that Reverend Rhinehart was just malingering (faking his physical condition).  

These appalling violations against Reverend Rhinehart's constitutional, civil and contractual rights, led to lengthy court battles, and even more persecution and harassment from the establishment press and media.


Reverend Rhinehart appealed his conviction to the US District Court, and only after all the judges from the Seattle area had disqualified themselves due to the bias and controversy created in Reverend Rhinehart's case at the time, an outside Federal Judge, The Honorable Willian P. Gray, was called in to hear the appeal.  After a very lengthy evidentiary hearing, the US Federal District Court reversed Reverend Rhinehart's conviction on the grounds that the state of Washington had knowingly used perjured testimony and had knowingly withheld and suppressed evidence that would prove Reverend Rhinehart's innocence!  

The 1970s


APRIL 20, 1972

After a very difficult emotionally wrenching and agonizingly physical and financially draining battle to fight the false conviction and false charges against him,  on April 20, 1972, Reverend Rhinehart was victorious. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for King County,  State of Washington vs. Keith Milton Rhinehart, in Order No: 42591: The conviction and sentence of Keith Milton Rhinehart was vacated and the charges against Keith Milton Rhinehart were dismissed with prejudice against the State of Washington

This means in lay terms, that Keith Milton Rhinehart was innocent of the false charges brought against him. (There is a major distinction in being found not guilty and being found innocent!)  Reverend Rhinehart should never have been charged with any alleged criminal activity in the first place!   There was misconduct on the part of the State of Washington when the State knowingly, falsely and wrongly convicted Reverend Rhinehart.   When Reverend Rhinehart tried to sue the State of Washington for damages and for false imprisonment, he was denied the right to sue the State.   The reason given to Reverend Rhinehart was that the State did not give its permission to be sued! 

 It is also important to note that even though Reverend Rhinehart  continued to be severely persecuted and harassed by the media and others for being a strong civil rights advocate and for daring to be different, he did not stop promoting or teaching about civil rights for all people, regardless of the person's sexual orientation, religious affiliation, color of skin or status in society.  

From October 31-November 7, 1975,  

An International Spiritual Convention was held in Seattle, Washington, USA, at the Olympic Hotel.

About 500 delegates attended the Spiritual convention from about 20 countries.  Different kinds of physical phenomena occurred during the week and the phenomena were witnessed by the delegates.  Before the seances took place, Reverend Rhinehart was searched internally and externally by police officers, then the Holy of Holies, also known as the Seance Cabinet  -  a small curtained enclosure in which the medium sits ( also known as the Veil in the Holy Bible), was thoroughly searched by two police officers and then guarded by the two police officers, who  then stood behind the Holy of Holies.   Photographs were taken during the Seances, which were held in either ordinary white light or by the light of 12 40-watt red lamps.  At no time was the Seance Room blacked out.  You can see some of the photographs of the amazing event on pages 171,172 and 173 in the book, Photographing the Spirit World by Cyril Permutt.  If you would like to order a copy of Photographing the Spirit World, you can write or email Aquarian Foundation® 315 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112 USA  email: 

Shortly after the Spiritual Convention in 1975, under the guidance of Reverend Rhinehart and the Real Ascended Masters, devoted students and members of the Aquarian Foundation dedicated themselves to establish new Branches of Aquarian Foundation® in New York, New York, Hollywood, California, San Francisco California, Portland, Oregon, Miami Beach, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. Today, there are more than 22 Aquarian Foundation® locations worldwide. To see if there is a location near you, you can go online at You will also find information on the genuine scientifically tested adept mediumship of Keith Milton Rhinehart  and you will find where you can attend an authentic and approved Aquarian Foundation Branch or Study group that Reverend Rhinehart established. 

The 1980s

 By the 1980s Reverend Rhinehart had visited over forty countries and had been tested in over twenty of those countries.

Reverend Rhinehart continued to give Seances and brought through the amazing Sacred Teachings that are studied in the learning halls of Aquarian Foundation® today are the Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings.

Unfortunately, during this time, due to several death threats, Reverend Rhinehart had to go underground and therefore had to limit his physical public appearances. Reverend Rhinehart did not let anything deter his mission to bring healing and wisdom to our world and so the 1980s were filled with purpose.

In mid-1987, Reverend Rhinehart toured Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Tahiti and Papua, New Guinea. Remarkable and thought-provoking private and confidential Sacred Teachings and Seances were given through Reverend Rhinehart on these remarkable and exciting trips.


On his trip to Australia, Reverend Rhinehart heard about an advertised UFO exhibit in the prestigious Sydney Tower in Sidney. It was touted as being the largest and most comprehensive and longest-running UFO exhibit known. Intrigued by the advertising, Reverend Rhinehart made inquiries as to whether the owner would be willing to take the UFO exhibit to the United States.  Instead, Reverend Rhinehart was told that the owner was dismantling the exhibit and the exhibit pieces would be put into storage.   Reverend Rhinehart made a deal with the owner of the  UFO exhibit and was able to purchase the exhibit pieces and all the rights to the exhibit pieces for pennies on the dollar.  The exhibit was shipped to Honolulu, Hawaii and after many discussions with the Aquarian Foundation Board of Directors, Reverend Rhinehart donated the UFO exhibit pieces to Aquarian Foundation®.  Finally, on October 20, 2010, during a successful Ohana Spiritual Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii,  a compilation of the UFO exhibit that had originally been on display in the Sydney Tower in Sydney, Australia, was showcased in the Honolulu Branch of Aquarian Foundation®.  Today, a good part of the exhibit is still on display in the Honolulu Branch of Aquarian Foundation®.  When you are in Honolulu, Hawaii, take the time to visit this remarkable piece of history.

During the latter part of the 1980s, Reverend Rhinehart heard about and then toured a now-defunct Crystal Quartz mine in Arkansas.  After hearing about the history of Quartz Crystal and seeing the beauty of Crystal Quartz in its natural state, Reverend Rhinehart®  purchased, and then donated a large collection of huge Crystal Quartz Boulders and Quartz Crystal Clusters and Crystal Points to Aquarian Foundation® Branches and Study Groups.  These beautiful and powerfully Spiritually Blessed mineral specimens are on display in most Branches and Study Groups of Aquarian Foundation® today.  The Spiritual Blessing associated with this incredible work of nature is for Spiritual Healing of all types.  Members of Aquarian Foundation® and visitors alike enjoy receiving a powerful Spiritual Healing in front of the Crystal Quartz Boulders on Wednesday Night Spiritual Healing Services in Aquarian Foundation®.  Many of the Crystal Boulders are over 500 pounds in weight.  Visitors are in awe as to the size and beauty and variety of these beautiful Quarts Crystal Boulders on display in the various Branches and Study groups of Aquarian Foundation. Some of the smaller crystal clusters and crystal points may be still available to acquire to add to your collection. 

Reverend Rhinehart also had an opportunity to purchase a well known Spiritualist publication founded and run by dedicated Spiritualists. In the 1980"s the publication, Psychic Observer®, and Chimes®Journal was owned by Henry and Diane Nagorka. The Nagorka's had stopped publishing the Journal by about mid-1980s, and the remnants of the publication were being kept in storage in the Nagorka's garage.  After acquiring all the inventory and all publishing rights to the Psychic Observer® and Chimes® Journals, Reverend Rhinehart donated the publication, the inventory and all the publishing rights of Journals to Aquarian Foundation®, with the hope that the Journal would once again be a great American Spiritualist publication.  By 2006, the Psychic Observer® and Chimes® Journal was up and running.  Today, in 2017, the Psychic Observer® and Chimes® Journal is still being published in-house and should expand shortly to include an online version of the publication. The names Psychic Observer® and Chimes® are registered trademarks belonging to Aquarian Foundation®.  Aquarian Foundation® in Seattle may have current and past issues available of the Psychic Observer® and Chimes® Journal, in addition to other interesting books that were originally published by Psychic Observer Press.  

For more information: email:

The 1990s

In the early part of 1992, Reverend Rhinehart made an important trip to Mexico. Once again, important confidential Spiritual teachings were given regarding this enlightening visit to Mexico. All the Sacred Teachings that have come through and by Reverend Rhinehart have been recorded for posterity. The Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings of Aquarian Foundation®  are the intellectual property and registered copyrights belonging to Aquarian Foundation at 315 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112 and are the permanent minister of Aquarian Foundation®.

During the course of the 1990s, Reverend Rhinehart re-visited many parts of the United States, including Austin, the Dallas Fort Worth area, Houston and San Antonio, in Texas; Seattle, Washington; Hollywood and San Francisco, California; Miami Beach, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Honolulu, Hawaii.  In each visit, long or short, he continued to teach and firmly anchor the Spiritual Light in each location he was visiting.  Reverend Rhinehart made several trips to Arizona and met and made friends with the Chief of the Apache Tribe, met and made friends with miners in Arizona, met and made friends with important people from all over the world in the gem and mineral world. Reverend Rhinehart had become very interested in researching and studying the information about different gems and mineral specimens, rare and mundane and so during this time, many varied and amazing Spiritual Teachings and revelations came through Reverend Rhinehart's genuine tested mediumship concerning the spiritual significance and symbolism of various minerals.

As the 1990s wore on, significant Sacred and Spiritual Teachings continued coming through Reverend Rhinehart's scientifically tested adept mediumship, until and even up to the last moments before his transition on April 30, 1999, when he consciously exited his physical body, with his mission finished, and the Church leadership clearly and perfectly defined.   Reverend Rhinehart spent his entire professional life dedicated to bringing through the Truth to those who wished to know the Truth.  The Divine Plan as was revealed to Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart by the spiritual communicators, the Real Ascended Masters was and is the  Wisdom through an understanding of all phases of Truth wherever found, bringing perfect peace, prosperity, health, and happiness.  The Real Ascended Masters are simply great souls who have walked the same path you and I are walking, but they have freed themselves from the anxieties and pitfalls of the rest of the world and have advanced spiritually to the highest planes of expression. They come to show the way to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  As the old saying goes:  When the student is ready the Master will appear.

The chain of spiritual successorship is unbroken. Reverend Rhinehart and the Real Ascended Masters working with and through him, chose their successor, Reverend Jann Werner,  to oversee the Church that Reverend Rhinehart spiritually founded. She is guiding the Aquarian Foundation® and is the Spiritual Leader of Aquarian Foundation®.   The Sacred Teachings by and through Keith Milton Rhinehart®, as well as the policies, polity and spiritual disciplines established by Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart and the Real Ascended Masters, continue to rule Aquarian Foundation® of Seattle today.  The Keith Milton Rhinehart® Sacred Teachings of Aquarian Foundation®  speak for themselves.  No one has yet been able to genuinely duplicate the caliber of physical phenomena demonstrated by and through Keith Milton Rhinehart, no matter how hard he/she tries to so do and/or no matter how hard he/she has tried to persuade others to that effect. The type of physical phenomena demonstrated by Rev. Rhinehart is not something that can be inherited or passed on or even taught.  It is strongly recommended to the serious and sincere researcher that if you come across anyone who makes extra-ordinary claims regarding physical phenomena and mediumship that you vigorously challenge that person to be thoroughly scientifically tested.  If one is serious about researching Spiritualism and Higher Spiritualism as is taught in Aquarian Foundation®, one will do the real hard homework and study carefully the test conditions to which the genuine mediums have been subjected, and then require the persons claiming physical phenomena, to be subjected to those same scientific tests.  


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